I strongly believe that I am a happier person between the hours of 2 and 6 am. I wonder if anyone else feels that way. I’ve known a short list, hardly a post-it, of people who entered the whimsical wonderland of “wee hours” with me, and I must say that they, too, were purely happy during this time. But perhaps I should give a second thought to my first statement…
I don’t necessarily think I am any more or less happy at this time, I am just a different sort of happy. The attitude that I have towards the wee hours is a welcoming one. I look forward to the little hand striking two. And then I float towards four when the dead of night becomes me. Its too late for anyone else to still be up, too early for anyone to be waking for work. That is an enticing thought for me.
I am happy about the possibilities, the quiet, the color of the sky. The lack of obligation, or presence of demands.
For some, there is no appeal. “Why be drained tired until such a late time?” “I love sleep too much!” Well! I must say, I love sleep as much as the next guy. I just perform my beloved act at a seemingly more… jet-lagged time. Yes. I live in a perpetual state of jet-lag. To the rest of the world, at least.
To me, there is no more appropriate time to be asleep than from 5:30-6:00 until around 12. I’m still in college.
Someday I may have to abandon my whimsical wonderland of 2-6 am. Someday, when I have a nine-to-five and my dark circles begin to turn into black holes. But until then, I shall live whimsically into the wee hours. I shall listen to “something” scratched out of the needle, quiet enough not to wake the house, again and again. All the while scribbling love notes and deep thoughts into a book and imagining who might someday read them.
In Wee Hour Whimsical Wonderland, I write letters I’ll never send. I think about whose job it is to test and describe the feel of various fabric materials, and wonder how I can apply. I listen to good music (whatever that is to myself individually). I wear my comfiest clothes and read recipes out of “pasta cooking” I’ll less than likely ever attempt to cook. I cast on 76 stitches for either a small blanket or a massive scarf that will take three years to finish.
And I am always accepting new members. Don’t have to be anywhere tomorrow? Not feeling the sleep vibes all to heavy tonight? Stay awake a while, and see where your mind will take you. Need help getting started? Give a listen to “Dear Prudence,” by The Beatles. Can’t hurt! Enjoy…